Episode 72

Published on:

15th Mar 2021

The Discourager of Hesitancy

Riddle me this....

A young man requests to be married to one of the beautiful women of a semi-barbaric kingdom. The king grants his wish, only there is a clause: the young man must be blindfolded during the ceremony so he does not see his bride and hears her voice only once. After the ceremony, the young man’s blindfold is removed. Forty women stand in front of him, only one is his bride. He must choose correctly or he will instantly loose his life. Our story is a follow up to last week’s story by Frank R Stockton—The Discourager of Hesitancy.

Music: Oxygenic by Lucention





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Dark Softly Tales is a weekly podcast of horror, suspense and dark fantasy stories (mostly) written, produced and narrated by Mav Skye. The podcast will host dark fiction by guest authors and occasional interviews. Eventually, we will add additional weekly episode of true tales of the supernatural and fantastic.

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Mav Skye is the narrator, host and producer of Dark Softly Tales podcast. She is the author of over twenty books, a hundred published short stories, and a single audio book. When Mav isn’t plotting world takeover, she’s snuggling with her sugar glider, Spooky, and trying to explain cannibalism to her (wanna be) house duck, Rainy Day, and why it isn’t proper to hunt birds with the cats. She is part of the Braving Shame movement and believes beauty lies in our imperfections.