Episode 62

Published on:

4th Jan 2021

Dead Sunset Red

It’s 2021, the time of the axe, the time when the blade hacks and hews at sinew and bone, at the moon and stars and the universe that lies between. 

At Faraday Psychiatric Hospital, Cecilia makes eye contact with herself in the bathroom mirror. She knows today is the anniversary of something very dreadful she has done, but she can't remember what or why. When she applies her favorite lip gloss, Dead Sunset Red, it triggers a floodgate of horrific memories beyond comprehension.

This story was originally published in Voluted Tales, and you can also find it in Mav Skye's 3 Tales to Chill Your Bones, Deadly Women. It's free on amazon, feel free to download HERE.

Music: Freedom in Fire by Snow Music Studio

(I edited the music and added my own vocals.)





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